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5 Requirements for Displays Ecodesign

The European Union published the Regulation 2019/2021 with specific environmental displays ecodesign requirements for various types of electronic devices, such as TVs, monitors, and digital signage displays.

5 Displays Ecodesign Rules

Unless the displays on your products are explicitly out-of-scope, such as screens of 100 square centimeters or less, the following obligation in annex II, D of Regulation 2019/2021 apply, as of March 1st, 2021:

  1. Design for dismantling, replacing and recovery: in line with article 15 of the WEEE directive, producers must ‘ensure that joining, fastening or sealing techniques do not prevent the removal‘ of certain components, including batteries.
  2. Marking of plastic components: plastic components of more than 50 g must be marked with the corresponding polymer symbol. Flame retardants within plastics must also be indicated.
  3. Cadmium logos: on top of the RoHS requirements, two ‘cadmium inside‘ logos must be labeled if the screen panel exceeds 0.01% w/w at the homogeneous level. Otherwise, the ‘cadmium free’ logo applies.
  4. Halogen flame retardants: are prohibited ‘in the enclosure and stand of electronic displays
  5. Design for repair and reuse: spare parts availability, as well as access to repair and maintenance information, are mandatory under certain conditions.
Cadmium Inside and Cadmium Free Logos

Ecodesign in Electronics

Displays Ecodesign

Other parts than displays require specific ecodesign in electronics. That’s the case, for example, of:

  • electric motors, 
  • external power supplies
  • servers
  • other large appliances, like refrigerators.

The European Union is leading the way for mandatory ecodesign requirements. However, other international regulations and standards, like Energy Star, also drive the electrical and electronic industry. Most of them set energy efficiency minimum requirements in different user modes (e.g. standby, at full operation, etc.).

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