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IEC63000 Derived from EN 50581

IEC63000 : 2016 – Technical Documentation for the Assessment of Electrical and Electronic Products with Respect to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances – was first published on October 4th, 2016, derived from EN50581.

What is Standard IEC 63000 about?

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), Standard 63000:2018 specifies the technical documentation that the manufacturer compiles to declare compliance with applicable substance restrictions.

IEC derived 63000 from the EN 50581:2012, the European standard of EU RoHS. However, IEC 63000 has a scope larger than EN 50581:2012 as it addresses various substance regulations worldwide, not just Europe.

EN 50581:2012 Previous Harmonized Standard

CE Marking

CE marking IEC 63000

The EN 50581:2012 Standard is valuable for manufacturers to achieve the EU RoHS requirement of CE marking. When they place a CE mark on a product, it is a broad compliance statement with all CE marking Directives. This claim requires an EN 50581:2012 technical file as support.

Compliance Using the 50581:2012 Standard

In most cases the Directive in question is RoHS. It applies to manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE). To prove compliance, producers assemble a report using EN 50581:2012 “Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances.”

To comply, a manufacturer must collect certain information for each component of the product, as outlined below.

50581:2012 Standard

Information Required to Build the Technical File Using EN 50581:2012

To build a technical file using EN 50581:2012, a manufacturer must use one of the following forms of information collection:

  • Supplier declarations and/or contractual agreements:
    • Supplier declarations affirm that the restricted substance content of the material, part, or sub-assembly is within the authorized levels. Any exemptions applied must also be present in the declaration.
    • Signed contracts attest to a material’s, part’s, or assembly’s compliance with the manufacturer’s specification for the maximum content of a banned substance.
RoHS Technical File
  • Material Declarations:
    • Material declarations must provide information on specific substance composition and any exemptions that may have been invoked.
    • The usage of industry standards for such declarations helps to ensure a consistent and cost-effective flow of data throughout the supply chain. The technique, substance, and format of a material statement are all outlined in EN 62474. In industry, producers use other material declaration specifications as well.
  • Analytical Testing
    • Analytical test results acquired using the EN 62321 techniques are stated or referred to (replaced by a series of standards 62321-x).
Analytical Testing RoHS

From EN50581 to IEC63000

EN IEC63000 and EN50581 are similar when providing technical documentation requirements.

However, EN IEC63000 does not contain specific details of the EU RoHS directive. Instead, it specifies different global substance regulations to ensure that manufacturers handle them similarly.

In addition, the IEC updated this standard to include the latest developments in analytical test methods and material declarations that arose since EN50581:2012.

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L’édition 1.0 de la norme CIE – Documentation technique pour l’évaluation des produits électriques et électroniques par rapport à la restriction des substances dangereuses – était publiée le 4 octobre 2016.

Selon la Commission Electrotechnique Internationale (CEI), la norme 63000 :2016 spécifie la documentation technique que le fabricant rassemble pour déclarer qu’il est en conformité avec les limitations en vigueur pour certaines substances.

La CEI 63000 est dérivée de la norme européenne 50581 :2012 de RoHS Europe. Toutefois, le champ d’application de CEI 63000 est plus large puisqu’il vise des réglementations sur les substances à l’échelle mondiale.

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