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Enviropass Expertise Inc. is a consulting company that gives compliance solutions in the environmental field. The current Enviropass job offers are presented below. We are constantly searching the best talents in our market. Stay posted with the most recent offers!

Enviropass jobs

What does Enviropass do?

Services offered by Enviropass cover:

  • product assessments and testing (RoHS, REACH, TSCA-PBT, California Proposition 65, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Conflict Minerals, etc.)
  • environmental compliance auditing – ECA,
  • regulatory monitoring, implementation of environmental management systems – EMS ISO 14001.


We serve a vast variety of manufacturing industries and products, such as:

  • electrical and electronic equipment,
  • monitoring and control instruments,
  • medical devices, automotive,
  • metal parts,
  • aerospace equipment,
  • military equipment,
  • furniture,
  • toys, and more.

Our vision is a world where every product is designed in an environmentally and socially sound manner

General Information about the Enviropass Job Offers

Term: Full time

Job Location: Canada, QC

Telework: Yes

Medical test required: No

Remote preselection test: Yes

Test duration: 30 min

Application documents required: Resume

Language of correspondence: English or French

Job contact email: contact@getenviropass.com

Job Offer Enviropass Resume

Enviropass Job Offers #1 - Office Administrator

Office Administrator Tasks

Office Administrator Tasks

You will support the management in the following aspects:

  • Office management with the development of the best-shared database tool. Support and develop databases/online resources – suppliers, employees, and customers (prospects).
  • Web marketing development. Discover our social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube) and propose solutions for their expansion. Create online videos on the Enviropass Youtube Channel
  • Maintain current accounting records with Wave software.
  • The animation of office life. Create gathering events.
  • Participate to project execution – contact with suppliers, billing, etc.

Office Administrator - Specific Requirements


  • Bilingual in English and French
  • Windows proficiency, including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • Autonomy, resourcefulness, versatility


  • Critical thinking
  • Flexibility
  • Oriented to productivity and results


  • Interest in engineering and environmental studies
  • Management experience
  • Knowledge of a third language, like Chinese or Spanish
Office Administrator - Specific Requirements

Enviropass Job Offers #2 - Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator Tasks

  • Conduct and supervise substances control projects
  • Give training and support the frontline and backline project managers
  • Oversee the analytical testing services
  • Keep abreast of product environmental regulations and standards
  • Ensure customers satisfaction
  • Report to the president

Project Coordinator - Specific Requirements


  • Have a deep knowledge of product environmental compliance, especially RoHSREACH-SVHCCalifornia Proposition 65, and halogen-free.
  • Self-sufficiency, ambition, resourcefulness, versatility
  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking


  • Chemistry knowledge applied to electronics and other products
  • Analytical testing proficiency
  • Team management experience
  • Oriented to productivity and results


  • Bilingual English and French
  • Resilience and flexibility
  • Approved chemist
Project Coordinator

Enviropass Job Offers #3 - Frontline Project Manager

Frontline Project Manager Tasks

Carry out documentary environmental verifications of electronic parts, concerning the concentrations of dangerous substances

  • Collect supplier data related to environmental compliance
  • Analyze the collected data and offer recommendations according to standards and protocols
  • Contribute to drafting environmental assessment reports and proposals
  • Participate in environmental compliance and system audits
  • Write technical articles
  • Participate in administrative tasks (billing, reports, marketing, etc.)

Frontline Project Manager - Specific Requirements


  • Dedication and commitment to excellence
  • Autonomy, resourcefulness, versatility, initiative
  • Sharpened sense of detail, and nuances
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Proficiency in English – written and oral
  • Organizational skills to carry out several projects simultaneously
  • Meeting tight deadlines


  • ISO 14001 and 45001 experience
  • Interest in chemistry, applied environmental law, and management
  • Project management experience


  • Interest in the environmental cause applied in manufacturing companies
  • Experience in electronics or technology.
Electronics Environmental Compliance

Enviropass Job Offers #4 - Ecodesign Project Manager

Ecodesign Project Manager Tasks

Ecodesign Enviropass Job Offer

Develop the Enviropass ecodesign services:

  • Support customers with the ecodesign of electrical and electronic products and verify their compliance
  • Conduct life cycle analysis of electrical and electronic products and propose solutions
  • Study the regulations and ecodesign standards of electronic equipment around the world;
  • Update and create online information resources (web page, blogs)
  • Carry out other types of environmental verifications of products, and 
  • Participate in administrative tasks (billing, reports, marketing, etc.)

Ecodesign Project Manager - Specific Requirements


  • A sharp sense of detail, nuances
  • Great rigor and thoroughness
  • Autonomy, resourcefulness, versatility, initiative
  • English proficiency
  • Organizational skills to lead several projects simultaneously
  • Meeting tight deadlines


  • Interest in electrical engineering, chemistry, applied environmental law, and management
  • Project management experience
  • Experience writing articles/blogs/online sites in English


  • Training or experience in electrical engineering and the environment
  • Interest in the environmental cause applied in manufacturing companies (product life cycle analyzes)
  • Experience in electronics or technologies.

Submit your resume at contact@getenviropass.com!