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ENVIROPASS IN THE EP&T Electronics Design Magazine

Madeleine Cléroux and Aury Hathout, from Enviropass, published an article on the August 2020 edition of the EP&T Electronics Design Magazine, page 34, entitled: ‘Going Green as we reboot the economy‘. 

Green Electronics in an Economic Crisis

The published article addresses the issue of designing sustainable electronics in the context of an economic crisis. Various initiatives, in Europe, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, and Canada, are being developed and the need to reboot the economy may be an opportunity for environmental innovations.

Recent advancements described in the article include:

  • EU RoHS with 10 and maybe 12 restricted substances
  • EU REACH with 209 SVHC
  • The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), with the so-called Russia RoHS
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) RoHS
  • New eco-design ErP requirements in various everyday products like power supplies, electronic displays, and electric motors
  • Canada, along with Finland and the Netherlands, leading discussions on concrete actions for a circular economy. By seeking better recyclability and energy efficiency, a circular economy in the electronic industry can have a positive impact in the context of climate change.

Other Articles Published by Enviropass in EP&T Electronics Design Magazine

Here are some of the Enviropass articles about product environmental compliance that EP&T has published:

  • New restrictions on old Chemicals: about PFAS restrictions in products.
  • New US restrictions of substances in products.
  • Hazardous substances in plastic components
  • Turmoil of product environmental compliance
  • Hunting for energy efficiency within electronic designs
  • A change in seasons for environmental compliance
  • Do your products comply with Chinese or European RoHS?

Enviropass events like webinars are also regularly published in the EP&T online magazine.

The EP&T Electronics Design Magazine

EP&T is a monthly magazine solely dedicated to Electronic products and technology across Canada. As expressed by Stephen Law, Editor of EP&T: ‘Enviropass is a regular contributor to the ‘Think Green’ heading of EP&T’.

Please find the recent article by Enviropass on page 34. More articles on electronic product environmental compliance are expected in the coming months! Stay tuned…

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