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My Internship with Enviropass

I am a second-year university student studying Chemistry at Concordia University. My time with Enviropass was my first internship experience. I learned a lot about professional workplace norms and environmental compliance. 

My Position during my Internship with Enviropass

My role at Enviropass was Junior Project Manager. My job was to assess the environmental compliance of our customer’s products according to specific regulations. As the job title suggests, I was in charge of managing and executing my projects. I also communicated directly with clients. That level of responsibility was daunting to me, especially since it was my first internship. However, I felt like my contributions were meaningful and valued by my colleagues. I never felt alone because they supported me the whole way. Indeed, there was always someone to answer my questions.

My Internship with Enviropass

Tasks of my Internship with Enviropass

My first assignment was a small project focusing on EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). There was much to learn, but I felt prepared with the resources made available to me to help me succeed. To my benefit, I had a lot of instruction and support from my supervisor. As my internship with Enviropass progressed, my projects got more complicated, with more parts and regulations, such as EU REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals) and California Proposition 65. I performed more steps until I eventually produced the final reports myself. I gradually gained more independence in my tasks.

In addition, I wrote blog articles for the company website in between my main environmental assessment projects. The variety was a great way to balance my schedule between the more intensive activities. Furthermore, it was a great way to expand my knowledge on topics I did not get to tackle first-hand during my internship with Enviropass, such as conflict minerals.

Advice for Future Interns

My biggest lesson from this internship is that I should never be embarrassed to ask questions. I was encouraged to reach out anytime I had doubts. In fact, it saves time to ask a question instead of making a mistake that you will need to correct later.

Advice for internship with Enviropass

On the other hand, I also had to learn to deal with the pressure I put on myself for making mistakes. I reminded myself that it is a normal part of starting something new.

Additionally, I sometimes struggled with time management. It is crucial to develop personalized strategies to stay organized, especially during big projects. The methods I preferred were maintaining daily to-do lists and using a calendar to keep track of the deadlines and milestones.

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More About My Background

It was fulfilling to apply my academic background while writing blog articles and assessing the chemical composition of parts for environmental compliance. I was excited to work in the environmental field because of my interest in integrating the topic into my career. I learned a great deal about laws and regulations during my internship with Enviropass that I might never have come across in my university classes.

In conclusion, my internship with Enviropass was a very enriching experience. I am proud of what I accomplished and happy about the opportunity.

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