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ISO14 001

Practical tips for a full implementation

10 hours | Only $490.00 (CAD)

ISO 14001 Enviropass Services

Why Taking this ISO14 001 Online Course

ISO 14001 Online Course

Third parties and stakeholders require partners to show transparency and use the most-recognized practices for an environmental management system (EMS). It:

  • reduces the risk of non-compliance
  • reinforces a positive corporate image, and 
  • enables unexpected opportunities for business development.

This course will guide you through the whole ISO14 001 implementation process. In other words, you will see what is at stake and have the resources to get your company certified!

To Date Learning Materials with the Latest ISO 14000 Versions

ISO 14000 is an international family of standards addressing environmental management.

This course uses the latest versions of:

  • ISO14 001 Environmental management systems — Requirements with guidance for use; and 
  • ISO 14004 Environmental management systems — General guidelines on implementation.
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ISO 14001 Expertise

Course Designed with Expertise

Aury Hathout, a certified environmental auditor, has designed this course. Aury has been an EMS implementer since 2007. He also gives conferences worldwide and has taught Environmental Auditing at the University of Sherbrooke.
Feel free to reach out to Aury for specific questions or if you request consulting services.

Study Your Way

You can pause and go back to your course as often as you wish. You get all of this from your office or your home!

What to Expect by taking the ISO 14001 Lessons

Comprehensive Course

The five sessions below constitute the course. Every session is composed of lessons.

1. Introduction to ISO14 001 and the EMS
Here we will discover the PDCA implementation principles of an EMS. We will learn the importance of the context and the leadership of a company. Finally, we will draft an initial environmental review.

2. Planning the EMS
It is one essential section of the EMS implementation. We will create the matrix of the environmental aspect, find out the applicable compliance obligations. We will also set efficient action plans with objectives and targets.

3. Doing, executing the EMS
Here, you will discover that a whole set of tools support the expansion of the EMS.

4. Checking the EMS
How performant is the EMS? That’s what we will find out with this lesson, using environmental compliance and internal audits. Then we will be able to show results on management reviews.

5. Acting, improving the EMS
Finally, this lesson will show you how to improve and correct nonconformities.

At the end of the course, you will have to pass a Quiz to validate your understanding of key concepts.

Get Ready to be ISO14 001 Certified!

At the end of a lesson, you will find a ‘To Do list‘ with practical actions towards the ISO14 001 certification. The course also shows examples, registers, and spreadsheets to help you build an environmental management system compatible with ISO 14001.

Who should Attend ISO 14000 Training?

Whoever is involved in the ISO14 001 implementation within an organization should attend this course. Either you are starting the process or want to audit your system, this course is for you. For example, attendees are:

  • EHS Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Staff in charge of environmental programs
  • Members of Environmental Committees
  • Decision-makers
  • Teachers
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Whoever wants a better understanding of ISO 14001 and what is at stake

The course applies to most organizations, from manufacturers (plants, food processors, furniture, clothing, electronics producers, etc.) to services providers (construction, agencies, infrastructures, offices, etc.). You will find unique examples from the electronics industry.


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