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On July 8th, 2021, eight new EU REACH substances of very high concern (SVHCs) were added to the REACH Candidate List. These 8 chemicals are:

Substance Name CAS # (Chemical Abstracts Service) Where used (examples)
Medium-chain chlorinated paraffins (MCCP) [UVCB substances consisting of more than or equal to 80% linear chloroalkanes with carbon chain lengths within the range from C14 to C17]
  • Flame retardants and secondary plasticizing additives in plastics (PVC, cables, paints, coatings, etc.), adhesives (‘potting agents’ in electronic equipment, printed circuit boards (PCBs), etc.), sealants (polysulphide, polyurethane, acrylic, and butyl sealants, etc.), rubber (butyl rubber, etc.), and textiles.
  • Coolants and lubricants (working fluids) in machinery and manufacture for metal products (cutting, grinding).
  Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/d76192af-d18b-5a4e-2fc5-0219d09053a6  
Phenol, alkylation products (mainly in para position) with C12-rich branched or linear alkyl chains from oligomerisation, covering any individual isomers and/ or combinations thereof (PDDP)
  • In the preparation of lubricant additives and fuel cleaners (in petrol- and diesel-powered engines).
  • Chemical intermediate, transformed during the synthesis of chemicals (oil production), rubbers (tires), resins, paints, inks, and polymers plastic products.
Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/12b8138f-c562-8cd6-3da9-9492468d0ea8
Glutaral (Glutaraldehyde; GA) 111-30-8 Biocide in many industries (paper, paint, food, wood, cosmetics, medical devices, etc.), leather tanning, x-ray film processing, with possible other applications.   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/ea9882b6-43f4-bf01-b54e-8ad9e4d047bf
4,4′-(1-methylpropylidene)bisphenol; (bisphenol B; BPB) 77-40-7 It may be used in the manufacture of phenolic and polycarbonate resins.   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/526bbb99-fc0e-2959-eff4-bac584db1f24
2-(4-tert-butylbenzyl)propionaldehyde and its individual stereoisomers An intermediate or chemical compound in mixtures (e.g. cleaning agents, personal care products, paints, inks, and toners).   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/eeb75545-127f-a33d-a6e3-3929fa0335e2
2,2-bis(bromomethyl)propane1,3-diol (BMP) 2,2-dimethylpropan-1-ol, tribromo derivative/3-bromo-2,2-bis(bromomethyl)-1-propanol (TBNPA) 2,3-dibromo-1-propanol (2,3-DBPA) 1522-92-5, 3296-90-0, 36483-57-5, 96-13-9 Flame retardants, monomer intermediates in the manufacture of polymer resins or chemicals.   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/264b955f-492b-ab69-951d-82bc1db1ca1a
1,4-dioxane 123-91-1 Mainly a solvent in the synthesis of chemicals. Found as a by-product, a constituent, or an impurity in mixtures.   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/435f5245-3bad-5ff5-65f3-0b279c9b6847
Orthoboric acid, sodium salt 13840-56-7 Possible use as a solvent and a corrosion inhibitor.   Source: https://echa.europa.eu/documents/10162/d603744a-2792-4092-7fa0-0c34319a516a

As a result, the SVHC list may include 219 SVHCs as of July 2021. If your articles sold into the EU market have components that contain SVHCs above the threshold of 0.1%, then they must be declared on the SCIP database.

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