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REACH Training


Compliance for Articles

5 hours | starting at only $439.00 (CAD)

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EU REACH Online Course

Content of REACH Training

Section 1: Why EU REACH?

Section 2: EU REACH Obligations to Articles

Section 3: How to Comply with REACH for Articles?

Section 4: To Go Further

At the end of the course, you will have to pass a final quiz to get your diploma from Web-training Canada Inc.

What Makes this EU REACH Training Unique?

1. You benefit from the expertise of a top-notch expert of EU REACH compliance for articles. Indeed, Aury Hathout, who designed this course, has a Certified Environmental Auditor with a Masters degree in Environment. Over the years, Aury has personally verified and supervised the assessment of hundreds of products against the REACH requirements. Aury also teaches environmental auditing at the University of Sherbrooke, is a regular speaker at events like ChemicalWatch or IEEE, and writes articles for different dedicated magazines, like EP&T.

2. With this course, you will not just understand the theory of REACH and how it applies to articles. You will also discover practical ways to comply.

3. You benefit from a very competitive online price. You will receive a discount if you are five or more participants.

4. You get support. If anything remains unclear, you still have the opportunity to contact Enviropass and get customized advice. You can also follow Enviropass on LinkedIn or register the Enviropass free Newsletter (around 3-4 per year) to keep abreast of product environmental compliance.

EU REACH Demystified

You may receive requests from customers and other third parties. 

Is your product EU REACH compliant? Can we have your SCIP notification reference? Can you list all the SVHCs contained in your product above the declaration threshold? Etc.

This course will enable you to answer these questions. You will be able to build a REACH internal management system and confidently monitor REACH compliance.

Throughout this interactive course, you will have to click on various hyperlinks and watch videos, displaying explanations and tutorials. You will also receive tools and practical examples. 

It is approximately a 5 hours course. You can take it whenever you want. You can start a lesson and finish it later. There is no prerequisite.

Why Taking REACH Training Matter?

EU REACH does not only apply to chemicals in pure form and mixtures. Manufactured products, or articles, like electronic products, furniture, or packaging, also fall under the EU REACH scope.

To secure your company’s investment and protect its business development, you have to show due diligence and reduce the risks of non-compliant products. EU REACH is a decisive environmental requirement applicable to products, just like RoHS worldwide, WEEE, California Proposition 65, Persistent Organic Pollutants, and more.

Questions about EU REACH?

Anyone involved in a corporate or product compliance level is a valid candidate for this course. You don’t have to be a chemist or an engineer to understand it. 


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Should you have any questions about online courses, REACH, SCIP, SVHCs or any other product environmental compliance matters, please feel free to contact Enviropass!